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Belgrave Heights Easter Convention   11 May 2004

Those of you who went to the Belgrave Heights Easter Convention would have probably seen the stand that we had set up! Yup, we were there... off to the side a bit, but we were still there!
We had a great time talking to people and recieved a lot of great feedback.

David Pollock has passed away...   11 May 2004

***Dave Pollock***

Some of you will have heard already that Dave Pollock, Director of Interaction International, died on Easter Sunday, 2004 in Vienna, Austria. After a successful emergency operation on his spleen he suffered a cardiac arrest which left him in a coma. His wife Betty Lou and their children were with him when he died. (You can visit the interaction website for more information: www.tckinteract.net)

Based in Houghton, NY Dave spent most of his time travelling to other parts of the USA and the rest of world ministering to the internationally mobile communtiy. His visits to Australia have had a significant impact on countless Third Culture Kids and people in the missions community, and his death is a great loss to us all.

As a token of our appreciation for Dave's ministry to us here and the sacrifices that both he and Betty Lou have made over the years, a gift will be sent to Betty Lou accompanied by a letter expressing our gratitude. If you would like to contribute to the gift, please send a cheque payable to Missions Interlink (PO Box 333, Mitcham VIC 3132) by 31st May, 2004 accompanied by a note indicating that it is for "Dave Pollock fund". Your name will be included in the letter and the total amount of money delivered to Betty Lou personally by Jill and Roger Dyer (MK Merimna, SA) who will be working for Interaction in Houghton, NY in June this year. If you would like to express your appreciation by simply having your name included in the letter, please email me (kathmcintosh@hotmail.com).

Please forward this information to other people you know who have had contact with Dave Pollock in Australia.

Katherine McIntosh (Australian staff of Interaction)